Animating NavigationPage Pop and Push

enusbaumenusbaum USMember
edited October 2017 in Xamarin.Forms

I've created a Custom Renderer in iOS for NagivationPage which overrides PopViewController() and PushViewController() so I can assign custom animations to the View.Layer.

This animation only appears to be being applied to the NavigationPage itself and not the Page loaded in the navigation. An example is if I apply:

public override UIViewController PopViewController(bool animated)
var transition = CATransition.CreateAnimation();
transition.Duration = 0.75;
transition.Type = CAAnimation.TransitionFromLeft;
View.Layer.AddAnimation(transition, null);

When you click "Back" at the top left, the animation is applied to the Toolbar but not the Page. The page will fade out (assuming default animation) while the navigation bar performs the assigned animation.

Any help appreciated.


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