Strange Xamarin.Android build errors after updating VS 2017 to 15.4


I have updated VS 2017 to 15.4.
After the update, most of my solution Android projects does not build, ending up with such nonsense error as that:

I have updated Android SDK Build Tools to 26.0.2 (with deleting all previous versions), SDK Platform Tools and Android SDK Tools to latest versions. I have installed Android 8.0 Oreo Platform as well.

Above errors from output window:

'1>ERROR : error APT0000: Unknown option '--no-version-vectors--no-version-vectors'
1>Usage : error APT0000:
1>Modifiers : error APT0000:
1>D:\Programy_C#\Xamarin\code\Test.Droid\as either a language or language-region pair. Some examples : error APT0000:
1>inserts android : error APT0000: debuggable="true" in to the application node of the
1>inserts android : error APT0000: minSdkVersion in to manifest. If the version is 7 or
1>inserts android : error APT0000: targetSdkVersion in to manifest.
1>inserts android : error APT0000: versionCode in to manifest.
1>inserts android : error APT0000: versionName in to manifest.
1>D:\Programy_C#\Xamarin\code\Test.Droid\generate for libraries. Separate libraries with ' : error APT0000: '.
1>D:\Programy_C#\Xamarin\code\Test.Droid\Assets to be ignored. Default pattern is : error APT0000:
1>D:\Programy_C#\Xamarin\code\Test.Droid!.svn : error APT0000: !.git:!.ds_store:!.scc:.:

    _:!CVS:!thumbs.db:!picasa.ini:!~' Any help would be appreaciated.


  • DavidPlattDavidPlatt USUniversity
    edited October 2017

    Yes, I have just gotten the same weird crap right after the upgrade, this time on VS 2017 Community for Mac. What gives?

    Before the upgrade, I was getting only the error'--no-version-vectors--no-version-vectors'. It came with an error # MSB3375. I installed the upgrade, hoping for a fix.

    It is difficult not to perceive this as a regression, which makes customers less willing to update. I hope for a speedy resolution.

  • DavidPlattDavidPlatt USUniversity

    I have this same problem on my Windows machine to, VS 2017 Community. I find the gibberish in the error messages gives a feeling of something being out of control. I hope there's a fix soon.

  • chetszotchetszot PLMember ✭✭

    Ok, it seems to be a critical issue in latest Xamarin.Android update. I have tried following things with no success (constantly the same nonsense errors as in my post above):

    • updated EVERY Android SDK-related component to latest version and removed previous ones when possible (SDK-build tools, SDK Platform tools, etc.)
    • updated every project in my solution to use latest Xamarin.Forms
    • changed all failing projects to target back Android Nougat 7.0
    • cleared all bin/obj directories of failing projects
    • compared failing projects' .csproj files with building projects (no project settings values differences found)
    • compared failing projects' .csproj files to blank new Xamarin.Forms app ones (also no major project settings differences found), which works fine

    One more issue I found with this update is critical instability of Visual Studio. It was fine with 13.5, but now is just insane:

    • Clean solution -> VS hangs
    • Rebuild solution -> hang
    • Build bigger project with dependencies -> hang
    • Uninstall NuGet package -> hang

    Now my project is dead. I cannot rollback to previous Xamarin.Android version and I cannot develop my product. All major Xamarin updates always brings issues, but I always managed to deal with them in some way. After 3 days of research and changes I am totally stuck and my project is halted.

    Please @BrendanZagaeski and team check this issue if possible and provide tips how to deal with this. I can also provide more info about my project if needed, but please - take a look at this.

    Best regards

  • chetszotchetszot PLMember ✭✭

    I have also created a bug related to this behavior:

  • mveroukismveroukis CAMember ✭✭✭

    I can't believe it's 2019 and I'm still getting this stupid error. Flutter is looking better by the second.

  • chetszotchetszot PLMember ✭✭

    I'm on latest 2017 and this issue seems to be gone.

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