Developer Tier Certification Changes go into effect on 10/15!

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Just a reminder that the course requirements for the developer certification will be adjusted on October 15th - hopefully you've been noticing the banners on the courses page which have been there for a few months.

Several courses are dropping out of the required list, and several new ones are being added.

TL;DR Required courses:

AND110 – ListViews and Adapters in Android
IOS110 – Fundamentals of TableViews in iOS
IOS115 – Customizing TableViews in IOS
AND180 – Toolbar and AppBar in Android
AND205 – Android Navigation
IOS205 – iOS Navigation
XAM250 – Cross Platform Patterns [this was originally XAM300, same content, renumbered]
XAM270 – Data Binding in Xamarin.Forms [this was original XAM310, same content, renumbered]
XAM280 – Using ListViews in Xamarin.Forms [this was XAM311, same content, renumbered]
XAM301 – Mobile Application Architecture
XAM330 – Effects in Xamarin.Forms
XAM370 – Diagnosing Memory Issues

Note that we are re-numbered a few courses to reflect what level the material is at compared to other courses. If you've already taken that course with the old numbering, you'll still have credit - it's just a rename and doesn't affect any scheduled courses or credits for past classes.

Why are we doing this?

We typically type to reorient our certification requirements every 18 months or so to keep up with demand and the changing field of mobile. Our last update shifted more towards Xamarin.Forms as we saw a larger number of enterprise developers hitting the platform who migrated to the similarities in that platform. In addition, Xamarin.Forms tends to be a good starting point because it's easier to learn and use than the native UI approach.

However, since we launched the Professional Certification tier, we were able to move almost all the core Xamarin.Forms classes into that level which opens up the higher-end developer certification to focus more on native UI development which quite a few people have been asking us to do.

Bonus: with the new addition of Xamarin.Forms embedding, these native UI courses are relevant even if you are using Xamarin.Forms

In addition, we're excited to start having some more "architectural" courses included which focus a lot on patterns, architectural styles (like MVVM and MVC) and deeper debugging of real world problems you hit in apps.

Let us know if you have questions or comments, we always love to hear from our students. I think this is a great list of courses which will really help all our students build some fantastic apps!

Mark Smith
Xamarin University

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