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I have an wierd problem where the text alignment resets to leftside when the bound property is updated. I don't know why this would happen, all graphics in the view are made trought the xaml so nothing should affect the alignment.


Have anyone seen something similar before?


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  • ClintStLaurentClintStLaurent USUniversity ✭✭✭✭✭

    Similar... I've seen text alignment do funny things like that before. But nothing on such a basic situation as you described.
    I would see alignment change if the same instance of a page was taken down and put back up... Or if the width of the containing grid changed. In the end I found it unreliable. So I played games with putting a label in a grid and changing the alignment of the label relattive to the grid, instead of changing the textalignment of the label.

    I've not seen a label alignment change just for the binded text property changing. It seem that if some so very rudimentary were happening everywhere it would have raised a lot of flags by now.

    A bug isn't a bug until it happens on a physical device. Is this happening on a real device, or an emulator?
    What OS and device?

  • TobiasLavingTobiasLaving SEMember ✭✭

    Thanks for quick response!

    This happens on both device and emulator, tested different version of OS but all of the display the same problem.
    Weird thing is that this is only affecting some of the labels not all of them. And not always the same over different platforms...

    The problem can be "reseted" by tilting the screen on the side and then back upp again. The problem happens when I use and reload function on another tab, thus getting new values.

    Any idea to bypass this? Using grids you say?

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