Error running my first App on Visual Studio for Mac

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I have just started with Visual Studio for Mac

But when I try to run the iOS app I get

/Users/jassim/Projects/FirstXamarin/iOS/obj/iPhoneSimulator/Debug/device-builds/iphone9.1-10.3.1/actool/cloned-assets/Assets.xcassets: Warning: The app icon set "AppIcon" has an unassigned child. (FirstXamarin.iOS) actool

/Users/jassim/Projects/FirstXamarin/iOS/MTOUCH: Error MT0091: This version of Xamarin.iOS requires the iOS 11.0 SDK (shipped with Xcode 9). Either upgrade Xcode to get the required header files or set the managed linker behaviour to Link Framework SDKs Only (to try to avoid the new APIs). (MT0091) (FirstXamarin.iOS)

I already downloaded xCode 9 but after downloading it shows 8.3.3 so I only left with the xCode 9.1 Beta

Do you recommend to download that or go for the second option mentioned in the Error? and how to go for the second option?



  • ShahidAli.7296ShahidAli.7296 USMember ✭✭

    Hi Jassim,

    If I was you, I would install the latest version of Xcode as well as the latest version of Xamarin (easy to pull updates via Xamarin Studio if it's installed) on your Mac.

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    You can have multiple installed versions of XCode, but care must be taken when first opening a newly downloaded version... it must be renamed and moved to where you want it to be on your file system BEFORE launching it for the first time. Do not move the (or after it has been launched fro the first time. Also if you have two versions of XCode installed, you may at times have to switch which version of the Xcode command line tools will be used, which can be done in XCode->Preferences->Locations tab.

    That said, I would get rid of both versions of XCode you have installed, unless you need them for some specific reason, and just get the latest public release of XCode from the Mac App Store. Maintaining multiple versions of XCode can be a PITA.

    If you do really need the multiple versions, thenm you just need to point Visual Studio for Mac to the versoin of XCode that it is requiring, in this case the public release of XCode 9. You can set the correct XCode version's location in Visual Studio->Preferences->Projects->SDK Locations->Apple->Apple SDK Location field. Just click browse ad browse to the version of that you want to use or is required, e.g. if you have XCode version 8.3.3 named as, and the XCode 9 beta as, and the Code 9 App Store public release as then you would point that field to

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