vstool Error after upgrading to VS for Mac 7.2

missy.bowlesmissy.bowles USMember
edited October 2017 in Visual Studio

I just updated to 7.2 and my automated builds using vstool are now failing with the following error:
WARNING: Error while trying to load the project '/Project/Path/MyProj.csproj': The type initializer for 'Xamarin.Player.Remote.PlayerDeviceManager' threw an exception.

I am using vstool as follows:
/Applications/Visual\ Studio.app/Contents/MacOS/vstool build -t:Build -c:"Release|iPhone" '/Project/Path/MyProj.csproj'

Is anyone familiar with this error or able to offer a possible workaround? This was working before the update.


  • OsamaRabeaOsamaRabea USMember ✭✭
    edited January 2018

    Just disable the Android Player extension through Visual Studio -> Extensions.

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