Classes are missing in using native sdk into


I have a native android sdk, developed by one of android developer. He wrote some classes in it. Some classes are static and some classes are normal.
Now I am trying to use the sdk into my application. I created a dll from this SDK. And referenced the dll to my application. But In the dll I am getting only static classes, the other classes are not present there.
So how can I get normal classes also with static classes from native android sdk?

In the native android sdk, the IndoorAtlas sdk is also implemented , but all those classes are missing where IndoorAtlas SDK is Implemented. If we remove the indooratlas sdk then we get the classes(only static) into dll.

Can I implement Android IndoorAtlas SDK into Xamarin.Android?


  • VictorKVictorK USMember

    Instead of dll, use the native jar file to include in your project. And to access the classes.

  • AnandDubey.8578AnandDubey.8578 USMember ✭✭

    How can we include jar file directly in

  • VictorKVictorK USMember

    I cannot post a link. This forum is not allowing me to post one. Search for "Binding a .JAR" in Xamarin documentation. It has an example to include .Jar in projects.

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