Xamarin UITest against Xamarin forms app built over .net standard 2

We are currently starting to build an app in .net standard 2, we are trying to add a UITest project to test the app.

We tried to make the uitest project .net standard 2 but we quickly found the packages are not currently supported, these include

  • Xamarin.UITest
  • Specflow

So we did think we could have the uitest project build and run in .net 4.5.2 as this is how we created it with our previous app.

But when we go to deploy and run the tests we get java virtual machine errors, it seems we are unable to have 2 projects in the same solution with 2 different .net frameworks versions

The issue is we are trying to create an app in .net standard 2 but none of the xamarin uitest packages seems ready for the framework

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


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