Hololens & UI


I've started to play with UrhoSharp to create a simple application for Hololens. I want users to be able to select some input data (files), and need to display a file selection dialog. I am using the UI components provided with UrhoSharp library (FileSelector), and have something working. My issue is that I am not able to interact with the dialog (selecting entries, hitting buttons, ...).

Anyone using UI components from UrhoSharp on the Hololens? What are you using to display UI on the Hololens when using UrhoSharp?

Thanks for your help


  • PaketPaket PTMember

    Did you manage to show the FileSelector at all?
    What do you mean by "something" working?

  • -Eric--Eric- AUMember

    I did have the FileSelector showing in the middle of my view. Then I am unable to interact with the UI (cannot tap buttons, ...) as my control stays in the middle.

    I got around this issue using Windows.Storage.Pickers.FileOpenPicker which is a UWP control.


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