Problem accessing system microphone


in my App i´m using the AudioRecorder Plugin (Plugin.Audiorecorder).
When i run the App with this simple code
await _recorder.StartRecording();
catch(Exception ex)
await App.Current.MainPage.DisplayAlert("Error", ex.ToString(), "OK");

i get the following error message:
"System Exception: Unable to successfully initialize AudioRecord; reporting State.Uninitialized. If using an emulator make sure it has access to the system microphone."

I get this message independent whether i´m using the App in the VS emulator or directly on my phone.
I can´t find any options to activate mic access in the emulator.

So does anyone else facing this problems?

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  • KristianRichterKristianRichter USMember ✭✭

    Hy, yes i did.
    The problem was that i also have to activate the rights in the app settings on my mobile.
    After that all works fine.

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