AmazonAuthorizationManager sample code encounters unhandled exception

I built and ran the sample code provided with Xamarin.Amazon.Login version, and it works up until the point I click on the button to permit the app to have access to my Amazon identity. Then an unhandled exception occurs with no call stack or code available. The only things I changed in the sample code are:
1. The package name (to match the name of a package I have set up at Amazon)
2. The API Key
3. The version of the Android SDK being targeted. The sample targets 15, and I don't have that installed, so I changed it to 25 (7.1).

More details are at question # 46623733 - Unhandled exceptions when Xamarin Android app accesses Amazon identity (LWA)

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How can I get Xamarin.Amazon.Login to work on Android 7.1?

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