Shared vs Portable - why is PCL recommended?

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I start programming with Xamarin some weeks ago and now, for learing purpose only, I want to convert a project from a shared to a portable project.
I saw my self writing a lot more code because I had to write everything (TCPClient, protobuf, ...) on each plattform new. I had twice as many .cs files I had before. Nearly everything I programmed was in the shared project folder, and only about 5% of the code where in the platform specific projects, on PCL it's about 50/50%
I really like that you programatically create controls, but this is also possible in shared projects.

But everywhere on the internet I read that PCL is the recommend way to program in Xamarin, especially when your App gets bigger, why is that? I can't find any advantages on PCL projects. Or do I do something fundamentally wrong here?

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