How to create AVD Images from Command-Line

Hi All,

For my own notes and to help others, I have created the following wiki page that documents the steps I use to create AVD images by hand from the Terminal prompt, using Visual Studio for the Mac.

I hope you find it useful. Since the "Google Emulator Manager" GUI is not available on the Alpha channel (it's being rewritten, according to the dialog), I found these steps necessary to create an API Level 25 Android image for testing. The process was not without challenges but hopefully the above write-up will make it painless.

Since the above link is to a wiki, it is possible to create an account and edit the document as needed.


  • DanielRobbinsDanielRobbins USMember ✭✭

    Also just added a section containing code I use to programatically query for needed permissions using James Montemagno's Permissions Plugin. With a VM on API Level 25 and above, your Android Xamarin App will implode if it simply relies on AndroidManifest.xml to request permissions :blush:

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