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Find multilanguage resources file

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I'm trying to create a multilanguage application. I read some articles to know how to do that, so I created a folder in my PCL where I stored my AppResource."Language".resx with the build action to Embedded Resources.

Everything works fine, when I changed the culture info, the application retrieve the good resource in the good language.
But when I try to list all my resources, the language resources are not find.

I used these instructions to do that
Debug.WriteLine("====== resource debug info =========");
var assembly = typeof(App).GetTypeInfo().Assembly;

        foreach (var res in assembly.GetManifestResourceNames())
            Debug.WriteLine("found resource: " + res);


It gives me:
[0:] ====== resource debug info =========
[0:] found resource: AppResources.AppResource.resources
[0:] found resource: AppResources.Resource1.resources
[0:] found resource: Resourcetest.resources
[0:] found resource: MainPage.xaml
[0:] found resource: App.xaml
[0:] ====================================

All my resources except my language resources...Maybe I missed something ?

Thanks you for your help !

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