Problem with Resource Designer after installing "Android.Support.Design" nuget package Visual Studio


Im working with a Xamarin Android Project, I have many nugget packages installed and I need to Install the "Android.Suppor.Design" package, but I have noticed that after installing it, my Project doesn't reload my new Resources ID, and if I add anything to my xaml or xml layout files (and try to use them in my .cs) I get the error "Resource.Id doesn't contain a definition for ''"

So I can't keep working :(

Im working with a friend and we have a GitHub Repository, when I make the push with these errors and he make the respective Pull, he doesn't have the Resources Id problem, so I guess that the error is about some file ignored by our .gitignore, our git ignore have the default files ignored, we created it with Visual Studio.

I have tried reopening, cleaning, rebuilding, deleting the project, also I have checked the project.csproj tags to see if theres one missing between mine and the one of my friends. But nothing seems to work.

If I make a checkout to another branch I can use and create new Ids without problems, so thats why I guess that my problem occurs when I tried to Install that nuget package. Maybe is something about incompatibilitym after installing it I get the Message that something went wrong and to get this packege installed correctly I must reopen my project. Once I have reopen it I can use the nugget package, but my Resource Ids doesn't get reloaded.

So my question are, How can I now whats happening? How can I fixed it?

Thank you so much!!


  • Gerafd14Gerafd14 MXMember

    I just saw that Im having the next error:

    Resources\layout\Map.axml(2): error APT0000: No resource found that matches the given name (at 'menu' with value '@menu/loginMenu').

    So im thinking that my question doesn't have sence, and that my real problem is this one.

    The error appears at:

    app:menu="@menu/loginMenu" />

    But I do have a folder called "menu" and a file called loginMenu on it.

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