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need help with my carousel

LittleKidLittleKid SGMember ✭✭

Hi guys,

I have developed my own carousel and recently while trying to optimize the code and reduce the memory usage, I have been trying to use only 7 frames to display all the images i am provided.

However, upon reload of the new image on a reused frame, the layout of the carousel goes haywire and I do not know what is causing this phenomena. If I do not reload the image however, the layout does not mess up and the first frame was able to shift to the end of the queue successfully.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



  • LittleKidLittleKid SGMember ✭✭

    To illustrate the issue:

    1)Go to

    2) download the project.

    3) Then, open up the solution go to this function: ShiftFirstFrameToLast(), comment off this line FrameList[FrameList.Count - 1].ImageSource = "bear.png"; to see the carousel work and uncomment that line to see the layout go haywire.

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