Does skiasharp SVG support included binary imagedata?

I'm currently evaluating different svg renders for an project at work and when looking at our svg files the backgroundimages are linked within using "xlink:href=\"..." notation. When trying to view one of the svgs in SkiaSharp the lines that are drawn on top all look fine but the image is utterly black. When viewing the file in example chrome it looks fine.

Is the above supported by Skiasharp and if so, is there any special action I need to take to make it appear?

Thank you for your time.


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  • Thank you Matthew for your swift response. I'm currently using a SKCanvasview to display the svg elements, would a work-around be to strip the image information from the SVG, put that on an normal image component and put the SKCanvasView on top? Naturally I'd have to scale/rotate the image on my own to keep it in sync with the SVG but in the grand scheme of things it's just a "background" for me.

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