Resign app after obfuscation

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Xamarin mac made exe file, I made obfuscation that file, that I change exe file in app give it to user but gatekeeper say this file is damages I can not open, without obfuscation everything work well. I think my sign is not valid after obfuscation. How resign my app after obfuscation?


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    If you look in the errors and warning tab you can click "Build Output" and see the invocations made to signtool (Apple's tooling). If you repeat those after changing your exe, it should work.

    A better long term solution is to create a custom build step, following this template:

    to invoke your obfuscation tooling after build before signing.

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    Thanks, I will try

  • YuriKuznetsovYuriKuznetsov USMember ✭✭✭
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    How say apple documentation, sign app can do in console, in Xamarin studio or Visual Studio for Mac not sign your app, build app, do obfuscation after that use that command in Terminal for manually sign your app

    codesign -s “Developer ID” /path/to/
    //Developer ID - is Common Name in certificate

    codesign -dv --verbose=4 /Path/To/
    //this command will show all info about your app including number of certificate

    spctl -a -v /Path/To/
    //this command will show simple info signed your app or no
    If the app is correctly signed, the output of this command is:
    ./ accepted
    source=Developer ID

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