Xamarin.Forms + IoC + couple of Class Libraries


I'm creating a mobile app with Xamarin.Forms for UWP (I'm using .NET Standard for Core project). In my solution I have 2 other projects of type Class Library, it is DataAccessLayer and BusinessLayer.
In all of them I have some interfaces and their implementations.
Core project has reference to BL, and BL has reference to DAL.
I'm using FreshMVVM and FreshIoC.

I need to register the interfaces from DAL and BL some how. The Autofac for example has modules which would allow me to do it easily, however the FreshIoC does not have such thing.
Also, when it comes to replacing original FreshIoC with Autofac, it is very complicated to implement necessary interfaces (required by FreshIoC).

Does any one have the right answer to this problem?

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