Cant Run UI test, Xamarin keeps signing my apk with its own debug apk

Currently when I launch my Xamarin test, with my own android apk that i got from our third party developer(that i would like to test) it seems like its signing the app with the Xamarin keystore key for my apk. When i install the app on the Visual studio manually i'm able to interact with it without getting the error message about the app being signed with an invalid certificate, and this doens't allow me to be able to test the app or go any further.

How can i run my apk without it being signed by xamarin. Do i have to do that programatically or through my project by unloading it.

What i have already tried.
1. I have already tried creating my own keystore and signing the apk with the keystore i created
2. I still got the same error message.

Currently i'm running
1. Visual Studio 2015 update 3
2. Using my own apk
3. Using visual studio android emulator

If someone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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