Success story with Xamarin Live Player

JohnHJohnH GBMember ✭✭✭✭✭

Hi all,
I just wanted to chime in, I spent the afternoon installing VS2017 Preview with a view to trying out the Xamarin Live Player. Once I had put the Windows laptop on the same wifi network as my dev Samsung A3 and iPhone 6+ devices, both devices were instantly recognized. I can deploy and debug to both devices (remembering to change platform specific start up project!) and so could easily demo a POC Xamarin app I wrote. Not bad for preview software!

Good job @JamesMontemagno, good job to you and Xamarin.



  • SongtiveSongtive LVMember ✭✭


    Do you have the same experience with large Android projects? For me, the build time for Android projects is much worse than for iOS projects so I was hoping to start using it but got "Null Object reference".


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