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Xamarin Native Map control for Bing Maps V8, now ;-)

So great Bing Maps v8! Finally something that works cross platform for our SaaS LOB xplatform Xamarin project.
Use Ryan Dixon Xam.Plugin.WebView
a html page in the Assets directory of you Android project, that's it.
Bing Maps V8  with all its api's..... and samples (heat maps, user location tracking, directions, mobile support responsive design)..
..and now SVG styled pushpins Pushpin Maker
..say no more.
We could meet our customer demands with ease now, heck now they can add there own SVG styles per workorder type


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  • ChaseFlorellChaseFlorell CAInsider, University mod

    This is definitely custom renderer material. It's a great idea but not consistent with the approach that Xamarin Forms has taken. You can easily build a control that is cross platform and provide it via nuget.

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