nunit.core.interfaces FileNotFoundException when making mobile-center test run uitest

I have a Xamarin UI test project and I'm trying to upload the tests to mobile center. The command is the following
mobile-center test run uitest --app "ORG/APP_NAME" --devices DEVICE_ID --app-path PATH_TO_APK --test-series "master" --locale "en_US" --build-dir "PATH_TO\bin\Release"
The test validation fails and I receive nunit.core.interfaces FileNotFoundException. The issue is clear - nunit.core.interfaces dll is not in the target build directory. When I manually right click that dll in project references and I set "Copy Local", everything works fine. But this is bad solution, cause every time someone will restore packages from scratch this setting will be reset. Is there an automated way of doing this? Or perhaps other workaround?

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