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"Bundle assemblies into native code" and ofbuscation

ZenDroidZenDroid USMember ✭✭✭

I created Android app with Xamarin Forms. For release I use option "Bundle assemblies into native code".
My apk have size - 17 Mb, without this option 33 Mb. Do I need to use obfuscation for my libraries or my code is protected?
I searched a lot - but I did not find an exact answer.
Xamarin Team, please reply me.


  • robbitrobbit CNMember Xamurai

    Use the option "Bundle assemblies into native code" will package assemblies to the .so file (a native shared library). This option keeps your code safe; it protects managed assemblies by embedding them in native binaries. And at the same time ,your app's size will be smaller.
    Use the option "Enable Proguard" also can reduce the size of the package . The effect will be better if you custom the rules of proguard file based on your project requirement.

  • ZenDroidZenDroid USMember ✭✭✭

    Thank you.

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