Search the best multiplatform framework for developping games


We are a software development company and we are trying to develop cross-platform mobile applications (Android, IOS and Windows Phone ) for children (games , multimedia, puzzles, slideshows ... ) .

After several researches on Internet, we found that Xamarin with Monogame (continuity of xna) allows us to develop cross-platform applications.
For this, we would like to know:
1 / Is Monogame the most interesting framework for cross-platforms mobiles applications oriented games (multimedia, puzzles, animation, slideshow ...) or are there other frameworks oriented games/multimedia operating under Xamarin, to create applications with C # with a single code in order to build them in multiplatform (IOS , Android and Windows Phone) .
2 / What are the limits and constraints of this framework (Monogame) oriented mobile cross-platforms?

3 / Do you have any advice for us for the development of cross-platform mobile applications?
Please take few minutes to help us because since almost 2 months, we are not able to find a solution within our teams.

Best regards.


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