Xamarin.Forms UWP release build fails when referencing UrhoSharp

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Following build error occurs when trying to generate build release of Xamarin.Forms UWP application (UrhoSharp.Forms latest version 1.5.20):

Microsoft.NetNative.targets(697,5): error : ILT0042: Arrays of pointer types are not currently supported: 'Urho.RenderPathCommand*[]'.Arrays of pointer types are not currently supported: 'Urho.RenderPathCommand*[]'.__Arrays of pointer types are not currently supported: 'Urho.RenderPathCommand*[]'.


  • abraabra ADMember ✭✭

    If the "Compile with .NET Native tool chain" option is disabled in the project build settings, it is possible to generate the release build without error, but the urho scene is not displayed anymore. With the debug build everything works fine.
    Any solution for getting the release build working correctly ?

  • abraabra ADMember ✭✭

    The debug build works fine even with the "Compile with .NET Native tool chain" option disabled ...

  • abraabra ADMember ✭✭

    Same compiler error as above when trying to compile the "original" FeaturesSample ( https://github.com/xamarin/urho-samples/tree/master/FeatureSamples ) for UWP as release build.

    Am I the only one with such problems ?

  • I see the same thing on 1.5.22 when I try to build release or Store->Create App Package... Some posts on the web said something about changing Boxed primatives to the primatives in the method parameters. String -> string, Int32 -> int, Boolean -> bool , etc. The iOS and android targets don't have this error so they must already support it. Seems to be only UWP that does not like passing Boxed parameters. The Urho may have to change them for projects that pull it in and want to publish to the Windows app store. Or Microsoft needs to support it.

  • Simple recreation of problem on VS2017 version 15.4.1. On .NET 4.6.2, create CrossPlatform App (Xamarin) Master Detail, Xamrarin.Forms, and PCL. Switch to UWP. Verify that Store->Create App Package works. Add Urhosharp 1.5.22 Nuget to iOS,Android, and UWP projects. Verify that Store->Create App Package causes error. Change to Release and right click UWP project and Rebuild. Verify error again.

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    The microsoft https link at docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/porting/how-to-use-existing-cpp-code-in-a-universal-windows-platform-app talks about how to port C++ code to UWP. There is probably an answer in there somewhere.

  • abraabra ADMember ✭✭

    Hopefully this issue will be fixed in the upcoming UrhoSharp version supporting NetStandard 2.0.

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