Integrating another UI into UrhoSharp

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As much as Urho3D and UrhoSharp are awesome, the UI subsystem is awful. I don't wanna discuss the reasons (mostly the lack of templated controls or insufficiently well working layout modes), but rather if it is possible to integrate another UI into UrhoSharp.

I saw a lot of integrational work being done with cegui or imgui in the native Urho3D implementation, but I doubt it can easily be added to UrhoSharp, preferrably without having to recompile an "extended" base library. Has anyone tried this using mostly C# only or is it simply not possible?

If it would just support something as evolved as Xamarin Forms / more WPF-like, I'd be incredibly happy.


  • EsaKEsaK SEMember ✭✭
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    UrhoSharp has support for playing along with Xamarin Forms, but I don't know how well that works...
    I suppose you can't mix Xamarin Forms GUI elements with Urho graphics in the same "layer" (as you do with the UI subsystem in Urho).

    EDIT: Have a look at the FormsSamples (
    Here it seems that Urho and Xamarin Forms are displayed in their own "views", separated from each other.

  • RayKoopaRayKoopa DEMember ✭✭

    Yeah that's true, though indeed I wanted to add UI to the "native" / internal Urho layer, because using "external" GUI around it is what I currently do :D

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