Get app's notifications OR keep data until force stop OR get notification from click on it

Hello, How can I do one of these things? (any of them would do the thing I want to do)

Get my app's notifications including their ID, name and (if possible) even text
Keep data (list of custom object) even after app is closed and until the app is force stopped
OR (if none of these above is possible or is too complicated)
When I click notification and start new activity, how can I get info about that notification? (id, name, and if possible, even text)

Additional info about these first two ones here: stackoverflow

Additional info about the third:

New activity code:

    protected override void OnCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)

        AlertDialog.Builder alert = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);
        alert.SetTitle(/* Need notification name */);
        alert.SetMessage(/* Need notification  */);
        alert.SetPositiveButton("Delete", (send, ev) =>
            (GetSystemService(NotificationService) as NotificationManager).Cancel(/* Need the ID */);
        alert.SetNegativeButton("Cancel", (a, b) => { Finish(); });

Creating new notification:

            Notification.Builder notif = new Notification.Builder(context);
    // Here
            notif.SetContentIntent(PendingIntent.GetActivity(context, 0, new Android.Content.Intent(context, typeof(Announcer.DeleteNotificationActivity)), PendingIntentFlags.CancelCurrent));
            Notification.BigTextStyle textStyle = new Notification.BigTextStyle();
            Notification notification = notif.Build();

            NotificationManager noManager = systemService as NotificationManager;

            myNotif.Add(new MyAnnounce(name, description, DateTime.Now, notificationId));
            noManager.Notify(notificationId++, notification);
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