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Payment gateway

Does anyone have a full tutorial or guide on implementing a payment gateway into a Xamarin.Forms project?
We are using our app to sell physical goods but I can't wrap my head around the existing systems.
Could be Stripe, Braintree, Judo pay not really concerned here so long as it works and has guides from start to end.

If that doesn't exist is there a better solution for accepting payments in app for the goods?

I have been working with Stripe for the past few days with etc but I either run into too many issues that don't have obvious resolutions or don't understand enough about dependency services to use what is working.

Note: This is only being published to Android and iOS, I've all been having issues with which PCL profile to use, currently on 111.


  • satkumsatkum INMember

    Hi thanks in advance does anyone tried integrating judo pay component in your application i am getting an issue after setting up the application.I set a valid JudoId,Api token and Api secret but i am getting exception that need to configure properly the token and secret while creating the judo instance.Please help me if anyone got similar issue.


  • RenelHomereRenelHomere USMember ✭✭

    @satkum are you able to add the project to a repo? I have JudoPay added to a Forms shared project and am having different issues.

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