Breakpoints not getting set in PCL

I have an iOS/Android project that includes a PCL that includes another PCL that I'll call the SDK for simplicity. I can always set breakpoints in the SDK and I can always set breakpoints in the iOS and Android projects. But sometimes when I go to set breakpoints in the PCL they stay empty circles and are never hit. I'm developing on a Mac using Visual Studio.

The problem seems to randomly get triggered and I try the 10 or so suggestions on the forum for what to do when break points aren't working. Sometimes one of them works but the problem comes back after a few days.

I usually try:
-Making sure I'm using mono 4.8
-Deleting all obj/bin folders and doing a clean build
-Checking that all the *.dll.mdb are where they're supposed to be
-Switch debug information between "Full" and "portable"
-Changing iOS build linker behavior to "Don't Link"
-Resetting the emulator and rebooting the computer.
-Deleting the *.userprefs file.
-Add System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break() to the code to manually trigger a break point.

I'm never sure which step makes it work again and the problem never stays away for long. Is anyone else having problems like this or am I the only one?


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    I faced issues with debugging iOS on Windows and so use Visual Studio for Mac for debugging iOS projects.

    On Windows , PCL with android works fine and debugging works great. So I am using two platforms with the same PCL to complete my work. Have faced a lot of issues using the same PCL for both Android and iOS at the same time in Windows.



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