Razor Templates - VSMac 2017 vs VSWin 2017 - NET Standard 2.0

NeilWhitlowNeilWhitlow USUniversity ✭✭

I used to have happy razor templates in a PCL. Android and IOS or even Forms projects used that PCL and got reports in HTML format with totally cross-platform goodness.

So I was eagerly awaiting .NET Standard 2.0 to get off the PCL train.

In VS for Mac, everything looks good. My libraries compiled after I converted the PCL. In VS Windows, not so much. This used to work fine in PCL in VS 2015.

Below is a screenshot of an Android project using a NET Standard 2.0 library and adding Preprocessed Razor Templates to the shared library. Also a VS Windows add new file, and you can see the only option for text templating appears to be T4. Razor is missing from the list. Indeed, when I bring a library over created on the Mac, VS for Windows doesn't understand what those Razor templates are in the project.

If I'm missing something obvious, I'd love to be shown the light, if not, then how do we get a request in for feature parity so that VS Windows can catch up to VS Mac :p

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