Question about event reminder

CapthaCaptha PLMember
edited September 2017 in Xamarin.Android

Hello i need any help in my applicaiton. I'm new in xamarin so i dont know all .. i need to write a "notification reminder service" -> i have list with cityt events,
Event have name and date and hour. when user press on event -> its added to "notification list". When actual date == any event date on reminder list application have to send notification like "Hey there is Super event named bla bla bla. in hour bla bla bla" i just dont know how to write service what will be checking date - of course list with event is in activity but notification event is in background. I need any advice how to start write service like that. Like i said, im new in xamarin so i need some help :smile: - notification is looking like calendar in android application.

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