Looking for New Opportunity in Xamarin Development

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I am experience developer and have worked remotely for my clients located in US/UK.

Right now I am actively seeking for some new role, please if you consider this please let me know, my email address is psb.bisht20@gmail.com or touch with me on Skype: prani.bisht.

I have more than 7 years of exp. in Microsoft .NET & 3+ Years of exp. in Xamarin.

Looking for great business relationship.

Thanking You
Skype: prani.bisht


  • I am getting offers across my desk that exceed my resources. I seek a Xamarin developer to assist me with my overflow work.
    Preference will be given to:
    (1) Certified developers
    (2) Excellent communication, including code comments
    (3) Depth in Xamarin.Forms
    (4) Design approach -- "design first, code last"
    (5) Obedience to SOLID and other key design principles and patterns
    (6) Ideally, Professional Liability insurance that can be bound to my corporation.
    Please provide remarks and (if possible) examples of any work to back up your responses.
    The selected developer will be paid weekly for code-checked and complete work.
    You can contact me here.
    Mail id – anuj@inwizards.com
    Thank you!

  • Hi,
    My name is Anuj, I am a certified xamarin developer. I am open for full time freelance xamarin work. If anyone need xamarin services, can contact me.
    I offer mainly : 
    • Xamarin for Android 
    • xamarin for iOS
    • xamarin.form
    • MVVM
    • Data Binding
    You can contact me here.
    Thx & Rgds

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