Start app from background with blueetooth devices?

Hi team,

I need to wake up my app (Xamarin forms IOS) from the background, listening some know Bluetooth id device.

At this stage, I only get the notification from the background if BT status has changed but I need the ConnectedPeripheral and DisconnectedPeripheral listeners working from the background.

Any ideas how I can get this working on xamarin forms, I'm thinking there is a bug with Xamarin Forms ?

CentralManager = new CBCentralManager(this, new DispatchQueue("queue"),
new CBCentralInitOptions { ShowPowerAlert = true, RestoreIdentifier = "myRestoreId" });

// connection with Options
centralManager.connectPeripheral(peripheral, new PeripheralConnectionOptions
NotifyOnConnection = true,
NotifyOnDisconnection = true,
NotifyOnNotification = true

Many thanks.


  • HentzeHentze Member ✭✭

    Have you found a solution..?

  • sudeepchourasiasudeepchourasia USMember

    Any Answer ?? i have the same problem

  • Unfortunately, I didn't found any solution for this (yet)...
    But, for my project, I found a workaround using the AVAudioSessionDelegate and checking the InputIsAvailableChanged(Boolean)

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