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ARKit Augmented Reality Demo

I am working with the sample ARKit augmented reality demo - and successfully deployed the app to an iPod Touch device, running iOS 11 beta software;

The sample presents an animated jet, around the viewer - all is OK, except the background on the iPod Touch is black, and is not displaying any reality background; is this a hardware issue, or a setting of some sort?

Visual Studio for Mac is my development environment - any advice, insight is appreciated;


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  • I have the same issue, I have a black background, tried asking for permissions to use the camera but didn't changed anything.
    Did you find any solution for this? Also, when I move the phone, the camera doesn't move. I uncommented the plane animation, and I see it going round and round but have no way to follow it with the phone movement and/or camera.

  • RobertHellestraeRobertHellestrae USMember ✭✭
    Accepted Answer

    Hi Tomas;

    Turns out I was trying to run the ARKit samples on a two-year old iPod Touch, with an A8 processor; an A9, or greater, processor is required to work with augmented reality; last week, an iPad - with an A9 processor, was purchased;

    All is now OK with the ARKit samples;

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