September 20th - Boston Mobile C# Usergroup

AlexDunnAlexDunn USMember ✭✭✭

When: September 20th
Where: Microsoft NERD Center

"Fluxing"­ Up your Xamarin and .NET Apps with Alex Dunn

Flux is the design pattern created by Facebook in your .NET apps to build robust and manageable data-driven interfaces. Learn what Flux is, how it differs from other patterns such as MVVM and MVC, and follow along and build your first app with Flux.

About the Presenter

Alex Dunn is a software consultant at Rightpoint and architect with a passion for mobile application development and edge technology such as machine learning, AI, IoT, and modern web. He’s a Xamarin MVP and a Microsoft MVP for .NET, and can be found giving Guest Lectures at Xamarin University or organizing Boston’s Mobile C# User-group. Follow Alex and learn how to build beautiful and robust applications.


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