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How to download older versions of Xamarin.IOS in VisualStudio 2017

Hi, In our organization, everyone faced the below issue, but we could not find the solution for that.
"___The Installesd Xamarin.IOS (version 10.8) on the MAC Xamarin Team is not compatible with the local Xamarin.IOS (version 10.2) . PLease select a new server or install the correct Xamarin.IOS versions___.**"

we have wasted so many days of time to find solution for the above issue.

Thanks & Regards,
Xamarin Developer,
MMAD Apps.



  • DivyaVaniDivyaVani USMember

    Please someone help on this as soon as possible.

  • Max_MacFarlaneMax_MacFarlane USMember ✭✭

    I had a similar issue and found that I had to uninstall the current visual studio and go to Studio 2017 and download a previous version.

    But from looking at the error message it appears to be that xamarin.ios on the mac is the latest and the local xamarin.ios (I assume this is on windows) is behind. This might be resolved by simply updating visual studio on the window machine?

  • DivyaVaniDivyaVani USMember

    Nope, For Visual Studio 2017 15.3.3 Version, Cant we access MAC? and
    Can you provide any solution like without reinstalling(Uninstall & Intall) the VS 2017?

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