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Display image gallery/carousel on iOS

Nick4978Nick4978 USMember ✭✭

I'm new to iOS development and I'm currently using Storyboards in Xamarin iOS to create an iPhone app. I've created a View Controller and want to find out how to display a list of images (downloaded from a web service) on the screen which allows them to scroll through them all like you would in the Apple Image Gallery. Preferably x rows by 2 columns. What is the best way to do that? Would I have to create a table view and create a split cell that shows an image in each side? I looked at the Xamarin.Forms.Carousal library as well as the XLabs ImageGallery control, but they don't render any design-time control. Could I use either of those in the code-behind of the view? And if so, could I use that in conjunction with the storyboards or do I have to re-write the app without using storyboards in order to use those types of controls that are not natively included in the UI?

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