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Xamarin update silently fails

CYoderCYoder USMember

[Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Update 3, Windows 10 Pro v1703 x64, Xamarin]

I am trying to update Xamarin & related components inside VS. (Tools -> Options... -> Xamarin -> Other -> Check Now). The 3 updates (Xamarin, Xamarin Profiler 1.5.5, Xamarin iOS Simulator have downloaded and are all labeled "Download completed. Pending to install."

However, when I click the Install button, the Xamarin Updates dialog closes and nothing else happens. I have rebooted, done a repair of VS 2015, but no luck.

Is there an error log file I can look at for more info? Where are these installers saved that I could delete them and try to start over? Thanks for any other suggestions.

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  • prashantvcprashantvc USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Could you try install the MSI from the command line with logs enabled? (see

    You can download the installer from here

  • CYoderCYoder USMember

    Prashant, thanks for the info. I was able to find the installer, and it worked perfectly in when I ran it by itself. The problem is clicking the Install button in that dialog inside of VS does not kick off the installer(s).

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