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Unable to access jarfile (Xamarin Visual Studio 15.3.3)

So, I have two machines.. my Desktop PC (VisualStudio.15.Release/15.2.0+26430.13) and I have a Laptop (VS 15.3.3). Both have Xamarin Installed in the very same manner with the same settings and directories.

I have a project which was running just fine on my PC, but gave "java.exe exited with code 1" on my laptop, which was weird enough. So, after checking the output and then search internet, I found that I needed to update "ProGuard" (Even though I haven't checked it in my project properties). I updated it and re-built my project (after cleaning the build).

I then ran my project in hope that it'll run. Now, I'm left with a new error saying :

Unable to access jarfile E:\My Project Name\packages\name.atsushieno.proguard.facebook.\build\..lib\proguard.jar

I thought it might be some privilege issue with VS? So, I restarted VS as an admin. Cleaned the build, re-built it and got the same error.

I looked around for that error and found this in bugzila of Xamarin.

According to them, the issue is fixed, but I have latest VS and Xamarin. What could be the issue and the Fix.

Please help me if any one has some ideas why this might be happening.

EDIT : One of my team member is also having the same exact same issue.

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