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SQLite, SQLite.Net Extensions and, Azure, Sync'ing

LindsayMilesLindsayMiles CAMember ✭✭✭
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Working with Xamarin Android and iOS and a shared project, I've built a small db using SQLite and SQLite Extensions because of the built-in relationship functionality it all offers - 1:N, N:N etc.

I'd like to sync local db with an online SQL Server db, probably through Azure but open to other options too if they work and are viable long-term.

I've looked at this: and it all "seems" straight forward BUT...

It seems like the right way is to create the db server-side first, THEN export/create a component for the mobile client side - Xamarin Android and iOS.
Also, SQLite does not use GUIDs as record IDs and that will pose a problem with multiple users adding records then syncing.

Has anyone had experience working with SQLite and SQLite Extensions AND syncing that with a SQL Server db?
Can anyone offer some advice on this and/or just SQLite /SQL Server syncing in general?


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