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Workstation for building Cross Platform App

I'm new to Xamarin.forms, but in past I was working with WPF.

I have an order for project to build an app for iOS and Android.
It should be an application, communicating with hosted server via REST.
My part is to make a mobile app. I've taken MVVM pattern (on Prism base), as I have previous experience with it and I like this approach.

My working environment is Windows 10, VS 2017, some other utils and everything runs on laptop (core i5, 12GB RAM, with 256 GB SSD).
What I've encountered in first month, my laptop is terrible slow for this work.
So question number one:
1) Do I have to get a better workstation? Or maybe my laptop is enough and I'm just lacking some special knowledge?

Next question:
As we all know, in Visual Studio, we have no normal XAML design preview for Xamarin.Forms.
Embedded previewer is very buggy and sometimes do some work, but usually I get compilation errors from Java side.
So, building the app directly for Android is real pain in many places of my body.
I've didn't try to build the project for iOS, as I'm still waiting for iMac, but I feel, that it will be the same.
I don't know. Is it normal to work on UI in blind? Recompile everything and see results after 5-8 mins?

2) What approach do you take, to build mobile apps, if you are working in Windows OS?
Maybe first, I have to design views for WPF using working designer and later rework it for Xamarin.Forms? Or maybe first build the app for UWP (it runs faster to see results) and later rework everything for Android and iOS?

Maybe I should spend some time and move my project for cloud building (for ex. Visual Studio Mobile Center) and don't try to reinvent the wheel?

Please help me

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  • VaidasCesonisVaidasCesonis USMember

    Thank's a lot. At least I know what to do.
    I also don't use drag-n-drop designer. What I'm trying to say, I wish to see changes in XAML reflected in some view without recompiling Droid project. I've seen some 3rd party solutions, like Gorilla or LiveXaml.
    I still don't know do they worth to invest my time by trying to make them working.

    But anyway, thank you for fast answer.

  • ClintStLaurentClintStLaurent USUniversity ✭✭✭✭✭

    Xamarin's official live player is internet/web service based. Its still using a mac - just not your mac. And streaming the playback live down to your device.

    You could also try this XAML live presentation tool:

    Its 3rd party and so far I think better than the official Xamarin Previewer was. I'm not saying its perfect - but 'less bad' and failing less often and on a smaller number of things it can't handle.

    , I wish to see changes in XAML reflected in some view without recompiling Droid project

    That's possible with small uncomplicated projects. But few grown up solutions can handle it. By the time you inherit controls, have style based on another style, template selectors, static resources and so on... most all of these live tools fall down on any real enterprise-grade app. But they are great for basics and people getting started.

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