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What am I missing, why am I missing so many dependencies?

I am new to Xamarin and cross platform development.

What I have done so far has been pretty slick and easy Kudos - Xamarin.

Until I have to upgrade something. When I try to use Nuget to upgrade my forms I get missing dependency errors regularly.

I fought changing my target framework from 6.0 to 7.1 which should not have been so time consuming as I kept getting missing parts errors. Finally I just downloaded ALL libraries to move forward.....

Then updating to System.Net.Http so I could use HttpClient , same thing missing dependencies or wrong target. I have a message saying I need to upgrade to .net 4.6 and have to use an old version of Nuget to do so? What?

Why is this like pulling teeth? The programming I can do all day long but getting my environment current is proving to be a mountain I backslide down more than I make progress forward.

Am I missing something here? I am about to find another way to create a simple app.

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