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Device connected, but no internet

joeclarkjoeclark USMember ✭✭


This is a problem I see regularly, we have many devices connected to the network and they work just fine. But there are some devices that will connect and have no internet. This occurs allot with android-devices.

If I'lI just connect them with another router, it is fine, they have internet, but why does it not work with the x-claims? I already tried to forget the network but no luck. Also when i set static IP address and DNS, it says connected, but there is no internet.

I also noticed it works after I update the phone to android 7.0, but what about those that don't get the update? How do I get those connected?.I checked many resources and Connected Device Video for help but did not find much.
Anyone here got a solution for this problem? As it is an annoying problem, and I hate it when people say wifi is not working.Please help me out.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.


  • kizanlikkizanlik TRMember ✭✭

    hi @joeclark

    I was there for a while ago. Changing router's wireless standard from 802.11 b/g/n to 802.11 b/g (no n) solved the issue.

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