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Silent update to android SDK

Hello Everyone,
Due to recent update on win10 Creator and VS2015, my xamarin environment no longer worked, and forced me to reinstall to latest (VS2017)
Not much of an issue there.
I had 2 android sdk on the computer, one for VS/xamarin, and one for another software, which supports older customer application we are not authorized to modify. That specific sdk has modified adb server, and must be on a specific version of the platform tools.

Guess what ?
Not only the xamarin install process, silently updated the sdk without asking (or at least i never saw it), but also decided not to ask which of the sdk to update.

I now have a customer who wants an update on his app, and we just discovered that we can no longer update his device fleet....
So Please, if there are already installed sdk on the machine, ASK !

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