Android Layout Issue in MSVS Pro 2017

I am just getting started in Android Development in Visual Studio, and I am running into issues creating my layouts. I am following the tutorial closely and I notice that the elements are not showing properly on my layouts or in the Document Outline. Please see image.

In the image you will see that my layout has the ImageView, a Small Text, and a Large Text element, it also includes an interior Linear Layout. I was able to put the two text elements in the interior Linear Layout, but when I look at the Document Outline I am missing the Large Text.

I have seen this issue multiple way when trying to use anything except for the main LinearLayout. Is this a known issue? I have replicated it on two computers.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank You,


  • MikeFontaineMikeFontaine USMember

    And now I try the next step and it just drops the text elements! This is really frustrating. All I did was change the orientation to horizontal.

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