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Handling Xamarin Component References in Source Control

Hello. I am trying to get into app making with Xamarin forms. I want to have a Xamarin forms project in TFS (using the free version that allows 5 team members).

I created a new project in my mapped workspace, built and deployed to make sure that everything was working correctly. I checked this blank project in to source control and made sure that everything got uploaded correctly, and it did. I want to maintain the standard branch system with Trunk, Stable, and Dev branches, so I created a branch off of the initial project and checked in this change.

Everything copied over great, buy when I pulled down my new branch and tried to run it, all of my Xamarin form component references were broken and the project was unable to build. I looked into it, and basically the 'branch' that I created when making the project contains the packages folder with all of the referenced DLLs. (Xamarin.Android.Support.Vector.Drawable.23.3.0 for example) These DLLs are not copied over to the other branches.

My question is: How do I handle these DLLs so that when a remote developer pulls down the project, it actually builds?


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