Can we get 1 more documentation topic?

I just noticed all of the new documentation and sample programs that go into great detail in Transforms. That was very badly needed. I especially like the explanation of how Transforms are different with SkiaSharp Canvas versus Xamarin.Forms elements.

I think the only thing missing from the documentation is advanced performance tips and tricks. For example, previously in this forum, I asked about increasing the performance of my SkiaSharp rendering by making bitmaps of all of my vector shapes that could be used during touch manipulation. This would make the touch manipulation very responsive since bitmaps are very fast to render compared to vector shapes. Once the touch manipulation was completed, the bitmaps could be cleared and the vector shapes redrawn from scratch and the bitmaps updated in preparation for the next touch manipulation.

If you could document this trick (I am still not sure I understand all the details) and provide a sample program, I think my journey to the SkiaSharp side will be complete! Woops, I guess I am getting excited for the Last Jedi. ;)

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