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X.F.D DataGrid off-screen rendering issues

Adam.ElseAdam.Else GBMember
edited August 2017 in Xamarin.Forms

Afternoon forum members,

I need help solving an issue I am having with the Xamarin.Forms.Datagrid package (I have contacted the author too)...

A makeshift Gantt control.
I have a DataGrid that features 9 columns - the first is a "details" column (name, ect) and the other 8 are "day" columns.
Each column is actually a native control - with the "day" controls housing between 0 and X number of secondary "hour" controls (though they don't tend to surpass 5).

Running as UWP is fine, everything works as intended.
Android, however, does not render any of the content-controls past the currently shown rows +1.

I have tried attaching listeners and overrides to the Android content-controls, in an attempt to force-draw these controls again, but they do not seem to exist!? ... The break points for the un-rendered rows are never fired (but the rendered rows are).
I have even tried to overwrite the internal ListView's caching property - but computer says no.

Does anybody have any other suggestions for me to try?


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