Picker control doesn't open up and highlight the user selected item.

Hey all,

I have a picker control that contains a couple hundred items. A user can come in, select an item, and the picker will update it's text, selectedIndex, and selectedItem properties properly. I would like the picker to remember what item was selected previously when it is opened again and scroll back to that item. For example, on android I can select item 200 but when I reopen the the picker, the user will have to scroll all the way back down to select 201. A different problem exists on iOS. On iOS, if I swipe to scroll in the picker and close it before it lands on an item, the selected item isn't updated (which is fine), but the next time I open the picker it will be highlighting the item it was closed on previously.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.



  • Hello Joseph,
    I experience the same. As it works correctly on UWP application, it is not the case on Android.
    Here are pictures illustrating the incorrect behavior on Android and the expected one on UWP:

    Do you think we have to open a bug report?

  • BrianConradBrianConrad USMember ✭✭

    Doesn't look like any bug report was filed did anyone file one? Indeed it is incorrect on Android while correct on UWP.

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